Supercar Blondie. Inside Bentley’s new luxury apartments with a CAR elevator so you can drive straight into your home

June 10, 2022

Ever wanted to keep an even closer eye on your beloved supercar from your home?

Well, ultra-luxury car brand Bentley Motors is giving you a chance to do just that, from the comfort of your kitchen.

With the 70-storey Bentley Residences being built on Miami’s Sunny Isles Beach, residents can drive their supercars straight into their apartment thanks to a special car elevator.

Rendered photos of the new development, which will be finished by 2026, showcase the Dezervator.

It’s an elevator made to bring your car up to your home where you can park it and walk straight inside.

Its namesake comes from Dezer Development who worked with Porsche (Porsche and Bentley are both owned by the Volkswagen Group) to come up with its design.

Dezer Development president Gil Dezer spoke to about the incredible Dezervator.

“When we first got together with Porsche Design, we had a brainstorm session about what the building should be like and how Porsche Design will relate to real estate, and we all immediately agreed that we need to bring passengers in their cars up to the apartment,” he said.

“The Dezervator, other than being a cool way of getting home, has a lot of benefits for our type of customer.

“It gives the apartment owner the ability to come and go from their home without asking for assistance. No need to call a valet. Have someone move your seat. Sweat in your car.

“Privacy and security are also reasons for our customers to love the Dezervator since they have the ability to go directly to the apartment without ever getting out of the car.”

Dezer also said an unintended benefit of the car elevator in this new COVID world was not having to share the space with someone else.

“It’s one car at a time. So it’s the best form of social distancing possible,” he said.

But the concept isn’t new, Dezer Development and Porsche Design have created a similar elevator before.

On the same beach, Porsche Design Tower residents have been able to do the same since 2017.

How much will apartments cost?

Apartments will start from $5 million and you can snap one up now.

The private beachfront building will have 216 furnished residences, with floor plans starting from 488.29sqm (5,256sqft) to 588.35sqm (6,333sqft).

Heading up the project are Bentley designers Brett Boydell and Chris Cooke, working closely with Dezer Development and Sieger Suarez Architects.

You can buy apartments with three bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms that have varying terrace sizes.

Each apartment will have its own private swimming pool and seamless floor-to-ceiling glass windows, so residents can soak up those stunning views!

Other amenities at Bentley Residences

The residences have been designed to be a “7-star hotel without the transient guest”, according to Dezer.

Owners will have access to the following communal amenities:

  • Wellness center and spa
  • Restaurant
  • Cinema
  • Sports and race car simulator
  • Cigar lounge
  • Club room bar

The design of the building has Bentley’s DNA carefully weaved throughout.

For example, the cinema has been created to mimic the concept of a Bentley car interior.

“A cosseting sofa wraps around the back of the rear three walls, embracing residents in the space,” Cooke said.

To learn more, head here.
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